Hi there, this is myAlfred.

I am

An artificially intelligent butler that
finds time for the things you love

Parents with kids


Time is precious. Spend more time with your loved ones. Enjoy every moment of your life.

Lifting weights

Workout plan

Reach your goals with a personalized workout plan that actually fits your schedule.

Cocktail glas

Social activities

Find the perfect date for simply having a drink with friends or for a long overdue class reunion.

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How does Alfred work?

Not every event is equally important

myAlfred's artificial intelligence considers how important an event is for you. Just like a real butler myAlfred reschedules less important events and makes room for your urgent appointments.


Stop scanning your calendar for the perfect date

Simply select a time span when the appointment should happen and myAlfred will find the perfect date for you and others. As your smart butler myAlfred also supports complex and repeating time spans like "two times a week but not on Fridays". It also works for repeating appointments, like going to the hairdresse once a month. myAlfred's artificial intelligence automatically arranges that for you, so you no longer have to make tedious phone calls.

Get the most out of your appointments

Whether you need a taxi to your next business meeting or tailored recommendations to find the best restaurant in town, myAlfred has that covered for you.


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Seriously, myAlfred is the first butler that works 24/7, free of charge


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